Uncle Bob Versus a Pro Wedding Photographer

Wedding season is also the time wherein you need to decide whether you will get a family photographer, Uncle Bob, or a professional providers. These two photography services are very helpful. In fact, everyone likes Uncle Bob because the service is free. Uncle Bob is a family photographer and whenever he is around, he shoots photos. In fact, he has this expensive camera that can document high definition photos.

photographersA couple who is saving a lot of cash could definitely get Uncle Bob to cover the wedding event. Choosing Uncle Bob is good, but it entails so many disadvantages as well. Since your wedding is once in a lifetime experience, your will guest will expect high quality and creatively shot photos. Most of the time, Uncle Bob’s style is only focused on point and shoot format. He does not even know if the frame is right or not. You are very lucky if your Uncle Bob had a photography training before, but if he didn’t then the documentation could end up in tragedy of photos. Yes, it is fun, but the question still lies whether you will like the outcome or not.

At the end of the day, you still need to hire a professional to fully secure the documentation of the event. The last thing that you need to worry about is not getting one and leaving Uncle Bob document everything.

Here is the difference between family and wedding photographer that you should know ahead:

Photos taken

Uncle Bob only takes photos of kids, flowers, and things around him. He does it for fun as a hobby. On the other hand, a professional photographer takes an average of three thousand to ten thousand of photos in a week, and these are all good professional shots.

Shooting situations

Uncle Bob may carry his camera around the house. He shoots whatever he likes regardless of the ISO settings and so on. A professional shooter knows how to adjust the camera settings based on situations. A pro can shoot in sunny beaches, dark rooms, huge chapels, in the rain, and so on.


Uncle Bob may have a different major and only took notice on photography a few months ago. On the other hand, professional photographers went to film and photography schools to study the aspects of the film and photography aesthetics. In short, they learned the technologies of the art first before practicing in the field.


While Uncle Bob has the spirit to learn so many things about photography online through discussion boards, it is still not enough. Professionals will always have an edge when it comes to understanding the principles of photojournalism. Pros are keen on creative posing, portrait and composition of the subject.

There is always a huge difference between family and wedding photographer. Yes, even a teenager could press the shutter and capture photos, but it is always different when the service is handled by a well trained professional.