A Piece of Advice from the Experts in Picking a Vegetarian Catering for Your Wedding in Dallas, TX

Vegetarian Wedding Catering Advice

More and more couples nowadays plan to host an unconventional wedding. Truly a traditional wedding celebration is timeless and one-of-a-kind, but it does not hurt to ditch the tradition for your special day. Some fearless brides choose to walk down the aisle in a red, blue or black wedding dress instead of white so that they will look good in their bridal portrait. Others exchange their vows and say ‘I Do’ to each other underwater instead in a chapel or church.

Wedding CateringThese just show that unconventional weddings are fun and exciting, especially when planned carefully. Another thing that makes a wedding celebration unconventional is when you host an all vegan or vegetarian wedding. There are lots of company of wedding catering in Dallas, TX that can prepare and serve vegan and vegetarian meals for weddings today.

It is a must to do a research first and plan carefully. An unconventional wedding, like a vegan catered wedding, is not going to be simple. Whether you are a vegan or vegetarian, or simply wanting to step out of your comfort zone, you should consider the look and the taste of the dishes to serve. Here’s an advice from the experts to get you through with your vegan wedding.

  1. Prepare a Plan B or a back-up plan. Find out all the opportunities you have in hosting a vegan or a vegetarian wedding. Plan A is to find a wedding venue with catering included in the package. You need to inquire the catering options they have. When they mostly have meat options, that’s the time to move to Plan B, which is a venue that allows outside caterer, especially vegan or vegetarian caterer.
  2. Do some research, which is necessary, especially when the onsite caterer of your chosen venue has agreed to work on your preferred vegan catering option. The onsite chef would have to create new dishes, vegan and vegetarian, to the menu. This probably needs some time for them to prepare. Thus, your research on vegan and vegetarian dishes and recipes will really help the caterer on what would suit your taste and preference. Chefs have to work on replacing a lot of ingredients they usually use. So do your research and discuss it with your caterer.
  3. It is mandatory to make sacrifices. There are some traditions in weddings that has to be sacrificed when you are planning a vegan or vegetarian wedding. Typically, a vegan or vegetarian wedding is the best option for couples who want to make it a cruelty-free or eco-friendly celebration. For example, one of you has a family tradition of serving the family pie recipe for dessert. You must tell your grandmother or mother the kind of catering you chose and it must not have any ingredients that will ruin your vegan wedding plans.
  4. Inform your guests about vegan or vegetarian wedding. You should expect that not all of your guests will be happy about your plan of serving them vegan or vegetarian dishes. Some would definitely be surprised because they would think that it is a healthy alternative, but a few won’t be really that pleased when they find out that the chicken is not real but tofu. Make your message clear to the guests, like no meat will be served at the reception.
  5. Take the risks especially when you are decided to host a vegan wedding. If you and your partner believes that the venue and the caterer can pull off a vegan wedding that meets your standards and tastes, then you should be confident to take the risks and trust them. You have pre-wedding taste test so that will give you the opportunity to determine that they are willing to work with you and according to your terms.

An unconventional wedding like hiring a wedding catering in Dallas, TX for vegan or vegetarian wedding is like plunging into the deep sea. Yet when you take the risk and discover what lies ahead, you will discover that it was all worth it.