威尔士妇女经理Jayne Ludlow欢迎FIFA休产假

时间:2020-12-12 11:27:45

Wales Women manager Jayne Ludlow has backed FIFA"s proposal to introduce mandatory maternity leave for players as part of a package designed to protect the rights of women footballers

威尔士女子经理杰恩·卢德洛(Jayne Ludlow)支持国际足联提出的为球员引入强制性产假的提议,这是旨在保护女足球运动员权利的一揽子计划的一部分

The reforms have been put forward by FIFA"s Football Stakeholders Committee (FSC) and will go before FIFA"s Council for approval in December


Speaking on the plan for a change in maternity rights as she revealed her squad for the Euro 2022 Qualifier against Belarus at Rodney Parade on December 1, Ludlow said: "I think many would say it"s probably been a long time coming

她在12月1日在罗德尼·帕拉德(Rodney Parade)上宣布反对白俄罗斯的2022年欧洲杯预选赛阵容时,在谈到改变生育权利的计划时说:“我想很多人会说这可能已经很长时间了

Maternity leave for players among new FIFA proposalsSkinner named Spurs Women head coachBeard leaves role as West Ham Women bossGovt announces 300m sports rescue package"The game is developing so quickly right now and this was obviously just another part that needed to be done because if you are a professional female, just like in any other walk of life, if you"re a professional in any other job, you would expect these things


"Thankfully for females who are playing in the game now who do want a family, then it"s fantastic for them


"We have Helen (Ward) in particular who"s come through that environment and hasn"t had that support but I"m sure she would definitely be one that would encourage that绿博会


"I think back to my playing days and Katie Chapman was another, and it was a struggle for those players and obviously they questioned whether they could step back into the environment and if they were getting the support they needed at the right time


"When you break it all down, those professional players need to be looked after in a professional manner, so this for me is part of that." As for the game against Belarus in Newport at the start of next month, Ludlow has called up uncapped duo Esther Morgan and Caitlin Morris


Both have come through the age-group teams with Wales, while Morgan has been training with the Tottenham Hotspur first team and captained the U19s in last year"s UEFA Women"s EURO U19 qualifying round


Download Scores: Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out more"I"m hoping they"ll be able to fit right in here and compete from the off," Ludlow said of the two players


"There may be some nerves but knowing both very well, and knowing their abilities both on and off the pitch, I know they"ll be a good part of the team


"They"re intelligent players and they"ve developed really well in their club environments, so I"m looking forward to seeing how they compete." Wales Squad: Laura O"Sullivan (Cardiff), Claire Skinner (Cardiff), Olivia Clark (Coventry United), Jess Fishlock (Reading), Sophie Ingle (Chelsea), Hayley Ladd (Manchester United), Gemma Evans (Bristol City), Rhiannon Roberts (Liverpool), Angharad James (Reading), Nadia Lawrence (Cardiff), Rachel Rowe (Reading), Natasha Harding (Reading), Elise Hughes (Blackburn), Helen Ward (Watford), Kayleigh Green (Brighton), Josie Green (Tottenham), Lily Woodham (Reading), Maria Francis-Jones (Cardiff), Ffion Morgan (Crystal Palace), Kylie Nolan (Cardiff), Carrie Jones (Manchester United), Georgia Walters (Blackburn), Chloe Williams (Manchester United), Esther Morgan (Tottenham), Caitlin Morris (Southampton), Charlie Estcourt (London Bees)

“他们是聪明的球员,他们在俱乐部环境中的成长非常出色,所以我很期待看到他们如何竞争。”威尔士队:劳拉·奥沙利文(加的夫),克莱尔·斯金纳(加的夫),奥利维亚·克拉克(考文垂联),杰西·菲什洛克(雷丁),索菲·英格尔(切尔西),海莉·拉德(曼彻斯特联),杰玛·埃文斯(布里斯托尔市) Rhiannon Roberts(利物浦),Angharad James(雷丁),Nadia Lawrence(卡迪夫),Rachel Rowe(雷丁),Natasha Harding(雷丁),Elise Hughes(布莱克本),Helen Ward(沃特福德),Kayleigh Green(布莱顿),Josie Green (热刺),莉莉·伍德汉姆(雷丁),玛丽亚·弗朗西斯·琼斯(加的夫),芬妮·摩根(水晶宫),凯莉·诺兰(加的夫),凯莉·琼斯(曼彻斯特联),乔治亚·沃尔特斯(布莱克本),克洛伊·威廉姆斯(曼彻斯特联) ,埃斯特·摩根(热刺),凯特琳·莫里斯(南安普敦),查理·埃斯特考特(伦敦蜜蜂)


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