斯旺西1-0罗瑟勒姆联:马特·格里姆斯(Matt Grimes)

时间:2020-11-22 01:32:53

Swansea kept pace with the Sky Bet Championship leaders with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Rotherham


Captain Matt Grimes ensured his side remained just two points off the top of the table after capitalising on a Jamal Blackman error to score his first goal for 19 months

队长马特·格里姆斯(Matt Grimes)在利用贾马尔·布莱克曼(Jamal Blackman)的失误打入19个月以来的第一个进球后,确保自己的位置仅比桌面高2分

Paul Warne"s side may have more points at this stage of the season than any of their previous three Championship campaigns, but after claiming only six points from their last six games, they only sit three points clear of the relegation zone

保罗·沃恩(Paul Warne)在本赛季的这一阶段可能比之前的三场冠军赛得分更高,但在最近六场比赛中只拿到六分之后,他们仅在降级区之外获得三分。

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Steve Cooper handed a first league start to Wales Under-21 striker Liam Cullen as one of four changes to the Swansea side beaten by Norwich before the international break

冠军赛器材|桌子|获得史蒂夫·库珀(Steve Cooper)的首场联赛首发权是威尔士21岁以下前锋利亚姆·库伦(Liam Cullen),这是国际休息前诺威奇击败斯旺西的四次改变之一

Cullen was tasked with providing the goals in place of top scorer Andre Ayew, who suffered a minor hamstring injury on Ghana international duty

卡伦的任务是代替得分王安德烈·阿尤(Andre Ayew)提供目标,安德烈·阿尤因加纳的国际职责而受到了轻微的ham绳肌损伤

Grimes, Yan Dhanda and Ben Cabango also returned to the side at the expense of Kasey Palmer, Korey Smith and Marc Guehi

Grimes,Yan Dhanda和Ben Cabango也以牺牲Kasey Palmer,Korey Smith和Marc Guehi的身分回到了身边

Jordon Garrick and Viktor Gyokeres were both absent from the match-day squad after testing positive for coronavirus

测试冠状病毒呈阳性后,乔丹·加里克(Jordon Garrick)和维克多·乔科斯(Viktor Gyokeres)都缺席比赛日小队

There was no place in the Rotherham side for Kyle Vassell, who dropped to the bench to accommodate Florian Jozefzoon

罗瑟勒姆(Korle Vassell)在罗瑟勒姆(Rotherham)身边没有位置,后者跌下替补席以容纳弗洛里安·约瑟夫佐(Florian Jozefzoon)

George Hirst led the line supported by Matt Crooks, who replaced Kieran Sadlier

乔治·赫斯特(George Hirst)领导了马特·克鲁克斯(Matt Crooks)支持的路线,后者接替了基兰·萨德利尔(Kieran Sadlier)

The first clear-cut opportunity of the afternoon fell to Cullen after a bright start by Cooper"s men


mgm美高梅The 21-year-old rose unchallenged at the front post to meet Grimes" inswinging corner only to see Blackman dive to his left to make an athletic reaction save


mgm美高梅But the Millers goalkeeper had a moment to forget at the next Swansea set-piece after 27 minutes


The Chelsea loanee rose to punch Connor Roberts" corner clear, but he instead found Grimes waiting on the edge of the box

切尔西的租借人挺身而出,将康纳·罗伯茨(Connor Roberts)的角扑通,但他却发现格莱姆斯在盒子边缘等待

The Swansea skipper fired a half-volley towards goal and Blackman could not find his footing in time to prevent the ball from hitting the back of the net


Despite dominating the rest of the first half, Cooper"s men had to settle for a one-goal advantage at the interval


The Rotherham goalkeeper redeemed his earlier effort after 63 minutes to keep out a Dhanda free-kick that looked destined for the bottom corner from 25 yards out


Rotherham looked to be growing into the game, but it took a crucial intervention from Wes Harding to prevent the hosts from doubling their lead when he got his body in the way of Jake Bidwell"s close-range strike to prevent a certain goal

罗瑟勒姆看起来正在成长为比赛中的一员,但是在韦斯·哈丁(Wes Harding)采取了至关重要的干预措施之后,当他以杰克·比德韦尔(Jake Bidwell)的近距离攻击方式阻止自己的身体以防止某个目标时,他阻止了主人加倍领先

Warne"s men were incredulous five minutes from time after Ryan Bennett looked to have committed a handball on his own goal line after Matt Smith headed Vassell"s cross towards goal

麦恩·史密斯(Matt Smith)带领瓦瑟尔(Vassell)射门得分后,瑞恩·贝内特(Ryan Bennett)看上去在自己的球门上犯下了手球后五分钟,沃恩的队员们变得难以置信

But their protests were waved away by referee Matthew Donohue and it ended 1-0 after a barrage of late Rotherham pressure

但是他们的抗议被裁判马修·多诺休(Matthew Donohue)挥舞开来,在后期罗瑟勒姆(Rotherham)的压力之下,这场抗议以1-0告终


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