欧洲联赛成败:托马斯·帕蒂(Thomas Parteys)实力雄厚

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赢城Who shone on his Arsenal debut? What will have most pleased Jose Mourinho about Spurs" win? And what may Neil Lennon be abandoning this weekend...? Thomas wastes no time in starting Arsenal ParteyThomas Partey"s debut was the first thing on Arsenal minds after seeing the new arrival"s name on a Gunners team-sheet for the first time ahead of their 2-1 win over Rapid Vienna

赢城谁在阿森纳的处子秀上大放异彩?穆里尼奥对马刺的胜利最满意的是什么?而这个周末尼尔·列侬会放弃什么...?托马斯(Thomas)毫不犹豫地开始了阿森纳·帕特(Thomas Partey)的首秀,这是阿森纳心目中的第一件事,此前他们以2-1击败快速维也纳队首次在枪手队名单上看到了新来者的名字。

Partey controlled the game from the off and never let up, in spite of spending more than half the game on a yellow card, while also showing what he can do with the ball with an impressive range of passing


His performance was summed up by one brief moment of first-half brilliance, tackling Daniel Grahovac before then chasing down Dejan Ljubicic to take the loose ball off him too


Mikel Arteta hails "brilliant" Thomas Partey"s first startHow the teams lined up | Match statsGet | Get NOW TV - save more than 25%British Champions League and Europa League squadsHe never stopped running but played with such discipline that Arteta, a man who does not mince his words, labelled his performance "fantastic" after the game

Mikel Arteta赞扬“辉煌”的Thomas Partey的首发阵容比赛统计数据立即收看电视节目-节省超过25%的英国冠军联赛和欧罗巴联赛球队他从未停止跑步,而是以严厉的纪律进行比赛,以致于阿泰塔(Arteta)坚持不懈,在赛后将自己的表现标记为“出色”

Passing references have already been made comparing him to Patrick Vieira, who 15 years on has still not been replaced in north London

已经将他与帕特里克·维埃拉(Patrick Vieira)进行比较,他已经有15年的历史了,但他在伦敦北部仍未被取代

It is far too soon to be drawing conclusions about similarities between the two, but keep this level of performance up against Premier League opposition and Arsenal may have finally found Vieira"s replacement.Ron Walker Arsenal fixtures Sun Oct 25: Leicester (h) Thurs Oct 29: Dundalk (h) Sun Nov 1: Man Utd (a) Thurs Nov 5: Molde (h) Sat Nov 7: Aston Villa (h), TBC Thurs Nov 26: Molde (a) Sat Nov 28: Wolves (h) TBC Thurs Dec 3: Rapid Vienna (h) Sat Dec 5: Tottenham (a) TBC Thurs Dec 10: Dundalk (a) Sat Dec 12: Burnley (h) TBC Spurs have strength in depth One accusation levelled at Tottenham over the years has been the threadbare and fragile nature of their squad

尚无法就两者之间的相似性得出结论,但要保持这一水平与英超联赛的反对水平相提并论,阿森纳可能最终找到了维埃拉的人选。罗恩·沃克阿森纳10月25日星期日:莱斯特(h)星期四10月29日:邓多克(h)11月1日:曼联(a)星期四11月5日:莫尔德(h)星期六11月7日:阿斯顿维拉(h),待定TBC周四11月26日:莫尔德(a)星期六11月28日:狼(h)TBC 12月3日星期四:维也纳快速(h)12月5日星期六:热刺(a)TBC 12月10日星期四:邓多克(a)12月12日:伯恩利(h)TBC马刺有更深的实力多年来,在托特纳姆热刺的指控一直是他们小队的粗暴和脆弱

When their strongest XI is fit and available, Spurs have a team capable of competing against the very best in Europe, but if you scratch beneath the surface when injuries or fatigue take their toll, the lack of strength in depth has often proved to be their undoing


How the teams lined up Match statsEuropa League news | Fixtures | TablesGet - All channels 23 a monthThose days, however, look to be a thing of the past

球队如何排列比赛统计数据治具| TablesGet-所有频道每月23个,但是这些天已经成为过去

Jose Mourinho"s summer recruitment drive has brought quality and cover throughout his squad, and it looks to get getting stronger with each game

何塞·穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)的夏季招募努力为他的球队带来了高品质和掩护,并且每场比赛看起来都越来越强大

Mourinho made eight pre-match changes for the visit LASK, resting star duo Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son, but not at the expense of quality as summer arrivals Gareth Bale and Carlos Vinicius made their full Spurs debuts

穆里尼奥(Mourinho)进行了八次比赛前的预赛变更,包括休憩球星二人哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)和香敏善(Heung-Min Son),但并没有牺牲质量,因为夏天到来的加雷斯·贝尔(Gareth Bale)和卡洛斯·维尼丘斯(Carlos Vinicius)首次亮相马刺。

It resulted in a 3-0 opening-night Europa League victory, as Mourinho"s bid for a third triumph in the competition started in comprehensive fashion

穆里尼奥(Mourinho)争取比赛第三次胜利的竞标是以全面的方式开始的,因此欧罗巴联赛(Europa League)取得了3-0开幕夜

If Mourinho is to guide Spurs to this piece of silverware - their first since 2008 - just as he did with Porto and Manchester United, the squad he has assembled could prove crucial.Jack Wilkinson Tottenham fixtures Mon Oct 26: Burnley (a) Thurs Oct 29: Antwerp (a) Sun Nov 1: Brighton (h) Thurs Nov 5: Ludogorets (a) Sat Nov 7: West Brom (a) Sat Nov 21: Man City (h) Thurs Nov 26: Ludogorets (h) Sat Nov 28: Chelsea (a) Thurs Dec 3: LASK (a) Sat Dec 5: Arsenal (h) Thurs Dec 10: Antwerp (h) Sat Dec 12: Crystal Palace (a) Leicester enjoy timely European boost This was job done with more than a dash of swagger about Leicester following their recent home travails


It was also their first victory at this level of European football at the fifth attempt


Brendan Rodgers was again without Jamie Vardy, and went into their Europa League group stage opener against a plucky Zorya Luhansk on the back of three defeats from their last four outings at the King Power Stadium

布兰登·罗杰斯(Brendan Rodgers)再次没有杰米·瓦尔迪(Jamie Vardy),并在国王杯大球场的最后四场比赛中三场失利的情况下,迎战了顽强的佐里亚·卢甘斯克(Zorya Luhansk),进入了欧洲联赛小组赛首场比赛

How the teams lined up | Match statsBut James Maddison was back in the side and he marked his European debut in style, scoring the opener and combining to good effect with Harvey Barnes and Kelechi Iheanacho during an encouraging run-out

队伍如何排列比赛统计数据,但詹姆斯·麦迪森(James Maddison)回到了一边,他标志着他在欧洲的处子秀,在揭幕战上取得了进球,并在令人振奋的淘汰赛中与哈维·巴恩斯(Harvey Barnes)和凯莱奇·伊亚纳乔(Kelechi Iheanacho)取得了不错的成绩

Bigger tests lie ahead, but Rodgers will be delighted with the manner his side made light work of a potentially tough opener


Most pleasing will perhaps be his side"s first clean sheet since the opening weekend of the season, and Wesley Fofana looks like he"s getting better with each passing game having nearly capped a composed outing with his first Foxes goal.Ben Grounds Leicester fixtures Sun Oct 25: Arsenal (a), 7.15pm Thurs Oct 29: AEK Athens (a) Mon Nov 2: Leeds (a) Thurs Oct 5: Sporting Braga (h) Sat Nov 7: Wolves (h), TBC Thurs Oct 26: Sporting Braga (a) Sat Nov 28: Fulham (h) TBC Thurs Dec 3: Zorya Luhansk (a) Sat Dec 5: Sheff Utd (a) TBC Thurs Dec 10: AEK Athens (a) Sun Dec 13: Brighton (h) TBC Rangers leave fortress Liege with win thanks to Roofe wonder strike Rangers arrived at the fortress Stade de Sclessin knowing Standard Liege rarely lose at home in Europe

最令人高兴的也许是他本赛季开始以来周末以来的首张清洁球,韦斯利·福法纳(Wesley Fofana)看起来似乎越来越好,每场传球比赛他的第一个Foxes进球几乎都结束了一场稳定的郊游。阿森纳(a),10月29日星期四晚上7:15:雅典AEK(a)11月2日:利兹(a)周四10月5日:布拉加体育(h)11月7日:狼队(h),TBC周四10月26日:布拉加体育( a)11月28日周六:富勒姆(h)12月3日TBC星期四:Zorya Luhansk(a)12月5日:Sheff Utd的周六(a)TBC Thurs 12月10日:雅典AEK(a)12月13日:布莱顿(h)TBC游骑兵离开受益于Roofe的精彩罢工,列日堡垒获胜游骑兵知道标准列日很少在欧洲输家,因此到达了Scadein堡垒

In fact, the 10-time Belgian champions had not tasted defeat on home soil in a European tie for six years and 15 games ahead of the visit of Steven Gerrard"s young side


How the teams lined up | Match statsGerrard: Roofe goal the best I"ve seen liveEuropa League Group D | News | FixturesHowever, buoyed by their 2-0 win at rivals Celtic in Saturday"s Old Firm clash, Rangers made a mockery of those stats, leaving a rain-drenched Liege with an impressive 2-0 victory to kick off their Group D campaign in style


赢城What is more, the win was sealed with a goal-of-the-season contender and the longest strike ever recorded in the Europa League as substitute Kemar Roofe netted from inside his own half!Richard Morgan Rangers fixtures Sun Oct 25: Livingston (h) Thurs Oct 29: Lech Poznan (h) Sun Nov 1: Kilmarnock (a) Thurs Nov 5: Benfica (a) Sun Nov 8: Hamilton (h) Sat Nov 21: Aberdeen (h) Thurs Nov 26: Benfica (h) Thurs Dec 3: Standard Liege (h) Sun Dec 6: Ross County (a) Thurs Dec 10: Lech Poznan (a) 3-5-2 in the bin for Celtic? Celtic"s defeat at home to AC Milan was a tough watch for anyone associated with club

赢城更重要的是,这场胜利是由一个赛季的进球争夺者和欧洲联赛有史以来最长的罢工密封的,因为替补凯马·屋顶从他自己的一半内部击中了!理查德·摩根流浪者装置10月25日星期日:利文斯顿(h )10月29日星期四:莱赫·波兹南(h)11月1日星期日12月3日星期四:标准列日(h)12月6日星期日:罗斯县(a)12月10日星期四:莱希·波兹南(a)3-5-2在凯尔特人的垃圾箱中?凯尔特人在主场击败AC米兰对任何与俱乐部有联系的人来说都是艰难的观察

Well, a tough watch for the first 45 minutes


Strangely, Neil Lennon decided to keep faith with the same 3-5-2 system that drew a huge amount of criticism in the 2-0 defeat at Rangers

奇怪的是,尼尔·列侬(Neil Lennon)决定保持相同的3-5-2系统,这在游骑兵队2-0失利时引起了很多批评

Youngster Stephen Welsh was at fault for the opening goal and his chemistry with Shane Duffy was non-existent as Zlatan Ibrahimovic ran riot in the space afforded to him

年轻人史蒂芬·韦尔什(Stephen Welsh)的进球失误了,他与谢恩·达菲(Shane Duffy)的化学反应不复存在,因为兹拉坦·易卜拉欣莫维奇(Zlatan Ibrahimovic)在提供给他的空间发生骚乱

How the teams lined up | Match statsWelsh and Leigh Griffiths were replaced at the break as Moi Elyounoussi and Ryan Christie were added with a switch to a 4-3-3 sparking the hosts into life


Ahead of Sunday"s clash with Aberdeen, live on , Lennon may have found a formula to get things moving back in his favour.Lewis Jones Celtic fixtures Sun Oct 25: Aberdeen (a) Thurs Oct 29: Lille (a) Thurs Nov 5: Sparta Prague (h) Sun Nov 8: Motherwell (a) Sun Nov 21: Hibernian (a) Thurs Nov 26: Sparta Prague (a) Thurs Dec 3: AC Milan (a) Sun Dec 6: St Johnstone (h) Thurs Dec 10: Sparta Prague (a) Sun Dec 13: Kilmarnock (h)



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