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Team news, stats and prediction ahead of West Ham vs Manchester City in the Premier League on Saturday; Kick-off 12.30p Team newsWest Ham will be boosted by the return of striker Sebastien Haller while Michail Antonio should be fit after coming off during the 3-3 draw with Tottenham as a result of a tight hamstring


Said Benrahma could be involved for the first time since arriving from Brentford when the Hammers take on Pep Guardiola"s men

自从锤子接手瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)的士兵离开布伦特福德(Brentford)以来,本拉马(Benrahma)可能会首次参与其中

"We"ve got everyone in pretty good order," David Moyes said at his press conference

戴维·莫耶斯(David Moyes)在新闻发布会上说:“我们的每个人都井井有条。”

"Haller picked up an injury in training before the last game, but he"s trained this week and we"re expecting him to be available


"Benrahma is doing well in training

“ Benrahma在培训方面做得很好

He needs to get up to speed to where we"re at, but the way the players are playing is giving me the chance to do that." Manchester City boss Guardiola has given a positive update on Fernandinho, saying the Brazilian is now expected to be sidelined for less than a month


Fernandinho hobbled off late on during Wednesday"s 3-1 Champions League win over Porto with a leg injury, and Guardiola had said after the game that he thought he would be out for four to six weeks


But at his press conference on Friday, Guardiola said of the 35-year-old: "The injury is tough but yesterday the results were a little bit more optimistic


So I think it will be shorter than one month." Listen to the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox How to followFollow West Ham vs Manchester City in our dedicated live match blog

因此,我认为这将比一个月短。”收听Pitch,以发布预览播客,网址:Spotify | Apple | Castbox如何关注在我们的现场比赛博客中关注西汉姆vs曼城

Highlights will also be published on the digital platforms and the Football YouTube channel shortly after the final whistle

最后的口哨声也将在数字平台和Football YouTube频道上发布。

Jones Knows" prediction This match provides a bit of a conundrum for a betting focused fellow like myself when tasked with making a score prediction


Do I think Manchester City are the more likely winners? Of course


But 4/11 with Sky Bet is skinny up against the Hammers who are fast becoming a throwback to David Moyes" impressive Everton side: powerful, direct and possessing quality in the right areas

但是与Sky Bet进行的4/11比赛与Hammers形成了鲜明的对比,后者迅速成为David Moyes令人印象深刻的Everton的一面:强大,直接并在正确的区域拥有品质

It"s the type of team City can struggle against


Furthermore, my eyes haven"t been completely taken with Pep Guardiola"s boys so far this season浩方电竞平台下载

此外,本赛季到目前为止,瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)的男孩们还没有完全注视我浩方电竞平台下载

Their intensity seems to be more "lemon and herb" than "extra hot" and an expected goals return of only 5.28 from their four games this season isn"t very Manchester City at all


浩方电竞平台下载A theory backed up by a very mediocre performance in the Champions League in midweek where a 3-1 win flattered them over Porto


Plus, the inspirational Kevin De Bruyne remains a doubt

另外,鼓舞人心的凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)仍然是一个疑问

At 13/2, West Ham, who have beaten both Wolves and Leicester by an aggregate score of 7-0 this season, are a tempting proposition to cause an upset


Oh, I"ve talked myself into it, you only live once


Home win


JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 2-1 (18/1 with Sky Bet) Opta stats West Ham have lost their last nine matches against Manchester City in all competitions, only enduring a longer losing run against Arsenal (a run of 10 between 2010 and 2015) in their entire history.Manchester City have won each of their five away matches in all competitions at London Stadium against West Ham by an aggregate score of 22-1, scoring at least four times in all five matches

琼斯知道预测:2-1(Sky Bet的18/1)Opta数据西汉姆在所有比赛中对阵曼城的比赛均输掉了最后九场比赛,只忍受了更长的输给阿森纳的比赛(2010年至2015年间输了10次)在整个历史上,曼彻斯特城队在伦敦体育场与西汉姆联的所有比赛中赢得了五场客场比赛中的每场比赛,总成绩为22-1,在所有五场比赛中至少得分四次

City scored 22 goals in their last 20 matches against the Hammers at Upton Park.West Ham have shipped at least four goals in each of their last four home league matches against Man City - only one other team has ever done this in the history of the Football League since 1888, with Man City conceding 4+ goals in four home games in a row against Wolves between 1957 and 1960.This is the first time West Ham are starting a Premier League match against Man City above them in the table since March 2009, when they beat the Citizens 1-0 at Upton Park.West Ham have scored 10 goals in their last three Premier League games, beating Wolves 4-0 at home, Leicester 3-0 away and drawing 3-3 at Spurs


The last time they scored 3+ goals in four consecutive league games was back in September 1928 - their sequence of results back then was a 4-0 home win, a 3-0 away win, a 3-3 away draw, and a 4-1 home win.No team has scored 3+ goals in more different Premier League games in 2020 than West Ham (9)

他们上一次连续四场联赛取得3+进球是在1928年9月-他们当时的成绩顺序是4-0主场胜利,3-0客场胜利,3-3客场平局和4 -1主场胜利.2020年没有一支球队比西汉姆(3)在更多不同的英超比赛中进球3+

Indeed, the Hammers have scored at least three goals in nine of their 24 league games since David Moyes returned, as many as in their last 50 under Manuel Pellegrini.Pitch to Post Preview podcast: Mata exclusive, Everton latest, Coady"s rise at Wolves Juan Mata is the special guest on this week"s show, and he tells Peter Smith about Man Utd"s return to form, looks ahead to their clash with Chelsea, and shares his views on the work being done off the pitch by Marcus Rashford

的确,自从大卫·莫耶斯回归以来,锤子队已经在其24场联赛中的9场比赛中至少打进了3个进球,这与曼努埃尔·佩莱格里尼执教期间的最近50场比赛一样多。马塔(Mata)是本周演出的特别嘉宾,他向彼得·史密斯(Peter Smith)讲述了曼联(Man Utd)的回归,展望他们与切尔西的冲突,并分享了他对马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)在场外完成的工作的看法。

Plus, we have more fallout from the Merseyside derby with Alan Myers explains Everton"s perspective, Johnny Phillips discusses cult hero Conor Coady"s importance to Wolves and Data Editor Adam Smith delves into the numbers behind the Premier League"s goal rush, and makes a bold Pitch! Listen to the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox

此外,我们还有更多来自默西塞德郡的麻烦,艾伦·迈尔斯(Alan Myers)解释了埃弗顿的观点,约翰尼·菲利普斯(Johnny Phillips)讨论了狂热英雄科纳尔·科迪(Conor Coady)对狼队的重要性,数据编辑亚当·斯密(Adam Smith)探究了英超联赛进球冲刺背后的数字,并提出了大胆的建议!收听有关发布预览播客的基调,网址为:Spotify |苹果| Castbox


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