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England Women played an intra-squad training match at St George"s Park on Friday in preparation for Tuesday"s game against Germany


News reporter Anton Toloui was there - here are his five takeaways

新闻记者安东·吐露(Anton Toloui)在这里-这是他的五个外卖菜



Intensity is the key to improvementEsme Morgan admitted the XI vs XI squad match had more intensity than some WSL games

强度是进步的关键埃斯梅·摩根(Esme Morgan)承认XI对XI队的比赛比某些WSL游戏更具强度

That showed as tough tackles were put in around the pitch during the 70-minute match


Head coach Phil Neville admitted after the game he"s demanding more from his squad after seven defeats in their last 11 games

主教练菲尔·内维尔(Phil Neville)在赛后承认,在最近11场比赛中输掉7场比赛后,他对球队的要求更高

That message is clearly getting through with the game played at a ferocity and pace many international matches could only dream of


Picking the starting 11 for Germany on Tuesday just got tougher




Intensity comes at a costFran Kirby had to be taken off on a golf cart just before half-time after a tackle on Georgia Stanway

强度是要付出代价的,在格鲁吉亚·斯坦威(Georgia Stanway)的铲球之后半场之前,弗兰克·柯比(Fran Kirby)必须在高尔夫球车上起飞

The two players, both wearing No 10 and potentially competing for the same spot in the England side, both needed treatment after a nasty coming together


Stanway needed her fingers taping, Kirby had to be helped off the pitch leading to worries of another serious injury for the Chelsea attacker


Neville insisted after the game Kirby was taken off as a precaution and should be fit for next week




Goals still a concernEngland have a lot of talented forwards but there was only one goal scored in the training match and that was an own goal by Lucy Bronze

进球仍然值得关注英格兰有很多才华横溢的前锋,但是在训练比赛中只有一个进球,而这是露西·古铜(Lucy Bronze)自己的进球

Chloe Kelly had a penalty saved by Carly Telford, while Ellen White and Beth England struggled to have any clear chances

克洛伊·凯利(Chloe Kelly)被卡莉·特尔福德(Carly Telford)挽回了点球,而艾伦·怀特(Ellen White)和贝丝·英格兰(Beth England)则在努力争取任何明显的机会

The game changed when Niamh Charles came on at half-time, the Chelsea winger causing problems for left-back Alex Greenwood and it was her cross that set up the only goal实况足球2012角球

当Niamh Charles上半场上场时,比赛发生了变化,切尔西边锋为左后卫Alex Greenwood造成了麻烦,而正是她的传中创造了唯一进球实况足球2012角球

With Beth Mead and Nikita Parris also in the squad, there"s a lot of attacking talent but it"ll be interesting to see whether some of the younger players get a chance to impress instead

由于贝丝·米德(Beth Mead)和尼基塔·帕里斯(Nikita Parris)也加入了球队,因此拥有很多进攻天才,但有趣的是,看看一些年轻球员是否有机会给人留下深刻印象



Who"s England"s No 1?Hannah Hampton and Carly Telford started the game at St George"s Park with Ellie Roebuck on the bench

谁是英格兰第一?汉娜·汉普顿(Hannah Hampton)和卡莉·特尔福德(Carly Telford)在圣乔治公园开始比赛

实况足球2012角球Roebuck appears to be in possession of the No 1 jersey but Hampton"s WSL form for Birmingham hasn"t gone unnoticed and Telford"s penalty save was a reminder of her talents


Will Neville opt for the experience of Telford, Roebuck or 19-year old Hampton? 5

内维尔会选择接受德福,罗巴克或19岁的汉普顿的经历吗? 5

Jill Scott"s 150 partyPhil Neville admits not all 24 players in the England squad will travel to Germany, but one player guaranteed to play will be Jill Scott

吉尔·斯科特(Jill Scott)的150场派对菲尔·内维尔(Phil Neville)承认,英格兰队中并非所有24名球员都将前往德国,但吉尔·斯科特(Jill Scott)保证会参加比赛

Scott will earn her 150th cap for England next week, only the second person to achieve that


You"ll struggle to find a more popular member of the England squad


Coaches admire her work ethic and ability, older players love her personality and drive, younger members of the squad are thankful for Scott taking them under her wing


All also agree she"s an excellent player who will be part of the England setup for some time to come



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