Istanbul Buyuksehir 2-1曼联:在土耳其惨败之后,Ole Gunnar Solskjaer的球员评分

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Manchester United were beaten 2-1 by Istanbul Buyuksehir in the Champions League on Wednesday - but how did Ole Gunnar Solskjaer"s players perform? Former Premier League player Demba Ba put the hosts ahead when he was bizarrely left completely unmarked and able to run from the halfway line before slotting past Dean Henderson unchallenged

曼联在周三的冠军联赛中被伊斯坦布尔比克谢希尔(Istanbul Buyuksehir)2-1击败-但是奥莱·冈纳·索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)的球员表现如何?前英超联赛球员登巴·巴(Bemba Ba)将主持人排在首位,当时他离奇地离开了队伍,并能够从中途逃跑,然后毫不犹豫地驶过迪安·亨德森(Dean Henderson)

Edin Visca then capitalised on more woeful marking, smashing in at the back post after Juan Mata had been caught in possession

然后,爱丁·维斯卡(Edin Visca)利用了更多可悲的标记,在胡安·马塔(Juan Mata)被发现藏身后在后哨砸了

Anthony Martial pulled a goal back with a header before half-time but United weren"t able to find an equaliser and the result, after Sunday"s defeat to Arsenal, piling more pressure on Solskjaer菲律宾优博

安东尼·马蒂亚尔(Anthony Martial)在半场结束前用头球将球门拉回,但曼联未能找到扳平比分的结果,在周日击败阿森纳后,曼联未能给索尔斯克亚施加更多压力菲律宾优博

Here are our player ratings for Manchester United from the match..


Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Man Utd - Match reportHow the teams lined up | Match statsDean Henderson - 6Little he could have done about either goal, and given zero protection from his back four

伊斯坦布尔巴萨谢希尔2-1曼联-比赛报道比赛统计数据迪恩·亨德森(Dean Henderson)-6上一个球他本可以做到的几乎没有,而且后排四次得分为零

A disappointing European debut菲律宾优博


Wan-Bissaka - 4Casual on the ball, and laboured in defence


The tenacity in the tackle that prompted United to spend those low, fizzed balls forward into feet we are so used to seeing from Matic were almost exclusively chucked to opponents


Juan Mata - 4Neat and tidy on the ball, but United lack tempo with both him and Matic playing in the same side


Robbed running back towards his goal for the hosts" second goal


Donny van de Beek - 5 Looked OK on the ball, but tried nothing adventurous, and was hooked after an hour

Donny van de Beek-5球看上去不错,但没有尝试冒险,一个小时后就被钩住了

Started promisingly but faded


Bruno Fernandes - 4One of his worst games in a United shift, giving the ball away 34 times, more than any other player on the pitch

布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes)-4曼联上班以来最差的一场比赛,他送出34次球,比球场上其他任何球员都多

That can partly be explained by the Portuguese trying to force the game open, but very little, if anything, came off for him, and his set-piece delivery was poor


Marcus Rashford - 4Looked laboured, and struggled to make any runs off the ball to create space as the hosts played deep and compact

马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)-4看似费力,并且努力使球失控以腾出空间,因为主持人打得深而紧凑

Managed one shot on goal in 76 minutes, despite United having nearly 70 per cent of the ball


Anthony Martial - 5Good header to half the deficit, but otherwise quiet and struggled to hold the ball in the final third

安东尼·马蒂亚尔(Anthony Martial)-5个不错的头球将赤字减少一半,但在其他情况下,他安静而努力地将球保持在最后三分

Lack of service didn"t help


Substitutes Scott McTominay - 6A Solskjaer favourite it seems, brighter on the ball and vocal throughout, but struggled to have much of an impact at the base of United"s midfield

替补斯科特·麦克托米奈(Scott McTominay)-6A索尔斯克亚似乎很喜欢,球上的声音更加明亮,并且整个人声都很响亮,但是很难在曼联中场的基础上产生很大的影响

Edinson Cavani - 5Hardly saw the ball and was forced out wide left constantly by a brilliant Rafael, formerly of United"s stable

爱丁森·卡瓦尼(Edinson Cavani)-5Hard看到了皮球,并被曼联马s的辉煌Rafael不断向左开出。

Paul Pogba - 5Desperately tried to take Istanbul defenders out of the game by beating them one-on-one, but was snuffed out constantly

保罗·波格巴(Paul Pogba)-5拼死一搏地试图将伊斯坦布尔后卫淘汰出局,但不断被淘汰

Failed to bring the quality on the ball United needed


Mason Greenwood and Timothy Fosu-Mensah - 5Ultimately too late to make much of an impact - Greenwood ran the ball out of play during a rare opportunity in the box, while Fosu-Mensah got out of jail with his pace as Fredrik Gulbrandsen looked to race through on goal

梅森·格林伍德(Mason Greenwood)和蒂莫西·佛苏·孟萨(Timothy Fosu-Mensah)-5太迟了,无法发挥很大的影响-格林伍德在一次难得的机会中将球踢出场外,而佛苏·孟萨(Fusu-Mensah)因弗雷德里克·古布兰德森(Fredrik Gulbrandsen)的比赛步伐而出狱通过目标

What"s next?Manchester United travel to Everton in the Premier League on Saturday at 12.30pm


Istanbul Basaksehir host Genclerbirligi in the Turkish Super Lig on Sunday at 1pm



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