Dejphon Chansiri:谢菲尔德星期三对足球状况和扣分的拥有者

时间:2020-12-12 11:22:33

Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri has revealed his despair at the state of football, while hoping the club can move on from their points deduction

谢菲尔德周三的老板Dejphon Chansiri透露了自己对足球的绝望,希望俱乐部能够从积分扣除中继续前进

The Owls owner was relieved, rather than elated, at Wednesday"s news that an arbitration panel had reduced their points deduction for breaching EFL spending rules from 12 to six


It meant their Championship point total improved from minus one to five, moving them to within one point of 23rd place and three points from safety


"We were not supposed to be deducted 12 points from the beginning, this caused damage to the club," Chansiri told News


"We are looking into the details of the appeal decision to determine what steps we should take for the club and our fans as a whole苏州同城游戏大厅下载


"It"s better than nothing but I"m still disappointed because I expected we should not have got any deduction because we didn"t do anything wrong


We need to accept it


I think it should finish." Sheff Weds points deduction reducedSheff Weds end Bournemouth"s unbeaten startChampionship Team of the MonthHowever, Chansiri painted a bleak picture, echoed by voices across football and sport, about the financial implications of continuing to operate on reduced revenues


While he accepts they are one among many clubs at all levels feeling the squeeze, he says the direction of government and EFL support is desperately needed


"No one knows the future


Other clubs don"t know their future because of the Covid situation, we don"t see the light at the end of the tunnel," added Chansiri

其他俱乐部由于Covid的情况不了解自己的未来,我们看不到隧道尽头的光明,” Chansiri补充说

"We don"t know if it will last a few years or whatever


If you talk about football, I don"t see any future


I don"t know what the EFL are going to do


I don"t know what the Government is going to do


"I think we still need to listen to the Government and see what the direction the Government and the EFL are going to take, what the instructions are and what we can do


"As you know, every club is not going to have revenue having no fans in stadiums


Even sponsors now, we don"t have them or they ask to go lower with the figures so everything goes down." Garry Monk"s side have endured a difficult start to the season, losing five of their first 10 Championship matches, while also simultaneously feeling the effects of playing without supporters at Hillsborough

甚至现在是赞助商,我们都没有他们,或者他们要求降低数字,以便一切都下降。” Garry Monk的球队经历了艰难的开端,在前10项冠军赛中输掉了5场,同时还感到在希尔斯伯勒没有支持者的情况下比赛的影响

Chansiri insists, however, he has no intention of leaving


"I don"t think about selling the club, I try to do my best as much as I can," he added



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