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After winning promotion as winners of the Championship in his first season at Wolves, Nuno Espirito Santo has taken the team to consecutive seventh-place finishes in the Premier League

在诺沃·埃斯皮里图·桑托(Nuno Espirito Santo)在狼队的第一个赛季赢得冠军冠军的晋升后,他已带领球队在英超联赛中连续获得第七名

But what is the thinking behind his 3-4-3 formation and how does it work? In an exclusive interview with " Rob Wotton, the Wolves boss talked us through how his team"s shape in attack and defence, looking at the ways it has worked for his team

但是他的3-4-3阵型背后的想法是什么?在与罗伯·沃顿(Rob Wotton)的独家采访中,狼队老板向我们介绍了他的球队在进攻和防守上的状态,并研究了球队为球队效力的方式。

Coady playing out from the back"We try to get the advantage from Conor and the width of the full-backs," says Nuno


"It is a good way to achieve progression on the pitch through a long ball that Conor does very well


"It is one of the lines and the patterns that we have established in the team since the Championship, the width of our full-backs." That was apparent in the win over Crystal Palace last time out at Molineux when debutant Rayan Ait-Nouri opened the scoring for Wolves with a shot from the left channel

“这是自冠军以来我们在球队中确立的路线和模式之一,即我们后卫的宽度。”上次在莫利纽克斯(Molineux)击败水晶宫(Crystal Palace)的比赛中显而易见,那是首次亮相的Rayan Ait-Nouri用左声道的一枪为狼队打进了进球

"It was the first game for Rayan so I was very, very pleased and happy for him


I think for him to score his first goal in his first moment of the Premier League was huge for him." Compact shape when defendingWhile Wolves" shape is routinely described as a back three, that swiftly becomes a back five when the team are out of possession


Only Liverpool and Manchester City have a better defensive record in the Premier League since the club"s return to the top flight


"When you attack you have to have width, when you defend you have to be compact," Nuno explains


"So this is the shape of the team when we are defending起凡会员达人注册


"We have to be compact, close to each other, knowing that the outside [space] is there but the moment it goes we are there to engage on our defensive process


But the main idea is to be compact when we defend and achieve maximum width when we attack." Dribblers making the difference Wolves have some of the more potent dribblers in the Premier League with Adama Traore having completed more dribbles than any other player in the competition since the start of last season


He is not the only player capable of beating a man either


"Adama can do it, Rayan can do it, Pedro (Neto) can do it," says Nuno

Nuno说:“ Adama可以做到,Rayan可以做到,Pedro(Neto)可以做到”

起凡会员达人注册"These are the kind of players who, when they engage one-on-one, we can take advantage of it." Daniel Podence did just that when nutmegging Kevin De Bruyne before setting up Raul Jimenez to score against Manchester City earlier this season

起凡会员达人注册“这类球员是一对一的,我们可以利用它。”丹尼尔·庞登斯(Daniel Podence)做到了这一点,当时他在与凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)搭档之前,就设立了劳尔·希门尼斯(Raul Jimenez)在本赛季初对阵曼城

Finding that space was the key


"This is one of the moments when you can really imbalance if you have the players who can beat opponents one-on-one," adds Nuno


"But first of all your organisation has to allow for these players to be isolated in one-versus-one situations


It requires more possession to isolate these players - Adama, Daniel, Pedro - in these situations." Having runners in the transition Although Nuno has outlined his intention to play more of a possession game this season, the counter-attack remains crucial to Wolves


They have had the most fast breaks of any team in the Premier League since their promotion and scored from one within minutes of the new season kicking off when Podence found Jimenez for the opener against Sheffield United


"The more important thing is the runners," says Nuno


"The runners are the ones who can imbalance the defence by dragging them with their movements


"For example, you can see that Raul is already checking what moves are coming so that he knows what space he needs to occupy


"The player on the ball is basic


You need more runners involved in that action


That will create problems for defenders


The run of Pedro is the one that creates doubt for the central defender, does he go first or does he stay with Raul


"The runners are the ones who create space for the finishers." Innovation in set-piece situations Sometimes the finisher can create space for himself


Jimenez showed that when peeling away from the penalty box to score the opening goal against Newcastle recently


"In this specific game, Newcastle have big players so in the first moment it is difficult," says Nuno when asked if this was a pre-meditated ploy to find a way past the defence


"But it has to do a lot with the instincts of the player


This is the pure instinct of Raul, knowing that the second ball is going to happen more often than us be able to attack one


"Then the execution is very good


The strike is amazing." Assimilating new talent in the system Wolves are undergoing their first significant personnel change since making it back to the Premier League and Nuno acknowledges it is a challenge to make the adaptation


"This requires a lot of work," he says


"We do not expect things to happen immediately


"Our foundation is so well established in ourselves that we believe when we pick a player it is like putting a piece in a puzzle


The foundation is what sustains the player who goes in." But when it works it is satisfyingOf course, Wolves have had their setbacks too, most recently when going down 1-0 to Leicester at the King Power Stadium on Sunday


Something Nuno is quick to acknowledge


"You only pick the good ones," he laughs


"This is what we work on more - when things do not work out in defence and offence


We talk more about the bad ones than the good ones."



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