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It"s undoubtedly the biggest game in a generation and the prospect of Scotland finally making it to a major European finals is within reach


But just what are our chances against Serbia in Belgrade on Thursday night in the Euro 2020 play-off final? Like us, Serbia have a history of failing in big games but they"re favourites for this one given their excellent performance in seeing off Norway in Oslo 2-1 after extra time in their Nations League semi-final win with goals from the hugely talented Sergej Milinkovic-Savic of Lazio


As well as Luka Milivojevic of Crystal Palace and Aleksandar Mitrovic of Fulham, Serbia have plenty of talented players plying their trade all over Europe - Italy in particular - and there has been some confusion over Covid-19 related issues with doubts surrounding a number of players

除了Crystal Palace的Luka Milivojevic和Fulham的Aleksandar Mitrovic以外,塞尔维亚还有很多才华横溢的球员在整个欧洲(尤其是意大利)进行贸易往来,并且与Covid-19相关的问题引起了一些混乱,并引起了许多球员的疑虑。

make Scotland and Northern Ireland Euro 2020 play-off finals available free-to-airDykes on Serbia clash: I want to be Tartan Army heroClarke warns Scotland players: Don"t have any regretsBut it has already been confirmed that just two players will be missing from the squad, Sassuolo"s Filip Djuricic and Werder Bremen"s Milos Veljkovic


All of us in Scotland recognise that Serbia have players playing for Inter Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio and Torino but we shouldn"t underestimate the quality in our squad


When Steve Clarke can call upon players from Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Arsenal and Aston Villa as well as a couple from Celtic and Rangers, then no wonder he can be confident of a good performance期货开户

当史蒂夫·克拉克(Steve Clarke)可以拜访来自利物浦,曼联,阿森纳和阿斯顿维拉的球员,以及凯尔特人和游骑兵队的一对球员时,难怪他会对出色的表现充满信心期货开户

Admittedly, the 120 minutes we needed to get past Israel at Hampden in our semi-final was turgid and uninspiring but we made it thanks to all five nominated players scoring pressure penalties and as Clarke keeps telling us, we are now unbeaten in eight internationals


All being well, we should have a strong starting XI


Despite his howler at the weekend for Derby County against Barnsley, David Marshall has been excellent in goal over the last number of games


It"s good to see Craig Gordon back in the squad but Marshall is a certain starter


It looks likely Clarke will opt for the three central defenders again


With Scott McKenna, Declan Gallagher, Scott McTominay, Kieran Tierney, Andrew Considine and Liam Cooper to choose from, it does give the manager food for thought

斯科特·麦肯纳(Scott McKenna),德克兰·加拉格尔(Declan Gallagher),斯科特·麦克托米奈(Scott McTominay),基兰·蒂尔尼(Kieran Tierney),安德鲁·康西丁(Andrew Considine)和利亚姆·库珀(Liam Cooper)可供选择,这确实使经理深思熟虑。

I have to say, McTominay looked completely out of place on the right of three central defenders when he played there against Czech Republic in September but he has improved


He doesn"t play there regularly for United but Clarke trusts him and he does have big-game experience


Given the experience Tierney has of playing on the left of a three for Arsenal and the knowledge he has of playing Champions League football with Celtic, he should also start


That leaves Declan Gallagher and Scott McKenna fighting for the middle spot and I think Clarke will take into account Gallagher"s recent level of performance for Scotland and keep the Motherwell man in his starting eleven

这让Declan Gallagher和Scott McKenna争夺中间位置,我认为Clarke将考虑Gallagher最近在苏格兰的表现水平,并将Motherwell球员保持在他的前11名中

Stephen O"Donnell and Andy Robertson are sure to get the nod as our wing backs


At times we will have to recognise the quality of the opposition and be cautious in our approach, playing with five at the back for some spells can offer us security


Scotland fixtures | Results | TableGet - All channels 23 a monthGiven the nature of our opponents, our midfield three also has to have an element of caution about it and I think Clarke will go for Ryan Jack, Calum McGregor and John McGinn

苏格兰灯具|结果TableGet-每个月都有23个频道考虑到对手的本性,我们的中场三人组也必须对此保持谨慎,我认为Clarke会选择Ryan Jack,Calum McGregor和John McGinn

Jack has been in terrific form for Steven Gerrard"s Rangers side and there are few better than McGregor at keeping the ball in tight situations

杰克在史蒂芬·杰拉德(Steven Gerrard)的游骑兵队中表现出色,在紧绷的情况下保持控球的能力比麦格雷戈更好。

As always, McGinn will provide an energy and more importantly a goal threat from the middle of the park that has served us well


Ryan Christie has rarely let anyone down for club or country and I think the Celtic man will get the nod over Southampton"s Stuart Armstrong as the man most likely to get up in support of Lyndon Dykes

赖安·克里斯蒂(Ryan Christie)很少让任何人为俱乐部或乡村而失望,我认为凯尔特人将成为南安普顿的斯图尔特·阿姆斯特朗(Stuart Armstrong)的头衔,因为他最有可能站起来支持Lyndon Dykes

Dykes has exceeded all our expectations as our main striker


He always looked a handful with Livingston and surprisingly, none of the bigger clubs in Scotland took a chance on him


Mark Warburton at QPR has a very mobile, hard-working striker who"s very much a team player

QPR的马克·沃伯顿(Mark Warburton)的脚步非常灵活,努力工作

Dykes - who could have chosen to play for Australia - has become a popular member of the squad


Not since 1998 have we qualified for a major tournament


Clarke and his men can put a smile on the faces of a nation if we can overcome Serbia in Belgrade


This is our time!



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