雷·克莱门斯(Ray Clemence)itu告:前英格兰,利物浦和热刺门将去世,享年72岁

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Ray Clemence went from stacking deckchairs on Skegness beach to being the last line of defence in the all-conquering Liverpool team of the 1970s and early 1980s

雷·克莱门斯(Ray Clemence)从在斯凯格内斯(Skegness)海滩上的躺椅上堆叠起,成为1970年代和1980年代初期无所不能的利物浦队的最后一道防线

An 11 a week, I took a job on the deckchairs at Skegness beach." A few weeks later, while at his summer job, he spotted a man running towards him


"My mum had phoned the council to send someone to find me


必威体育betwayShe"d had a call from the club to say Scunthorpe had agreed a fee with Liverpool and it was up to me if I wanted to go


"My life changed at that moment, as I"m standing there stacking deckchairs." The only thing he would stack up after that were trophies and accolades


After serving his apprenticeship in the Central League, he took over from Tommy Lawrence on a permanent basis during the 1969-70 season, despite being assured by Shankly when he signed that Lawrence was "over the hill and past his best"


But it was worth the wait as Clemence won every major honour in the game bar the European Cup Winners" Cup in 665 appearances before, surprisingly, announcing at the age of 32 that he needed a new challenge to prolong his career


He moved to Tottenham in 1981 and did just that, playing for a further seven years and making 330 appearances for the north London club必威体育betway


He helped them win the FA Cup in 1982 and the UEFA Cup two years later, although he was a spectator for their final victory over Anderlecht as stand-in Tony Parks proved Spurs" penalty shoot-out hero


Clemence hung up his gloves for good in 1988 and joined the Tottenham coaching staff


He also had a spell in charge of Barnet before, in 1996, joining the England coaching team under Glenn Hoddle

在1996年加入格伦·霍德(Glenn Hoddle)带领的英格兰教练团队之前,他还曾负责巴尼特(Barnet)。

He remained part of the backroom staff until his retirement in 2013


On the international front, Clemence"s battle with Shilton for the England No 1 shirt was a cause of some frustration, with the pair rotated for more than a decade


Clemence made his debut in 1972 and won his final cap in 1983


必威体育betway His biggest disappointment was missing out on a place in the starting line-up in the 1982 World Cup, effectively as a result of Tottenham"s FA Cup final replay with QPR which prevented him featuring in two pre-tournament friendlies


He rated his save from Borussia Monchengladbach"s Uli Stielike in the 1977 European Cup final with the score at 1-1 as his most important

在1977年欧洲杯决赛中,他将自己从门兴格拉德巴赫足球俱乐部的乌里·斯蒂克里克(Uli Stielike)救出的得分评为1-1,是他最重要的

However, the goal he is most associated with was Scotland"s second in their 2-1 victory at Hampden Park in 1976 when Liverpool team-mate Kenny Dalglish steered it between his legs

然而,他与之最相关的进球是苏格兰在1976年汉普顿公园2-1击败苏格兰的第二场比赛中,当时利物浦队友肯尼·达格利什(Kenny Dalglish)将球踢到了他的双腿之间

"Gordon Banks is remembered for his save against Pele and I"m remembered for that," he said ruefully



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