New Best Way of Picking the Right Wedding Venue

How to Choose Your Wedding Location?

All About WeddingPicking your venue is a big decision. Not only will it likely be the most costly one you and your fiancé make—it’s about 50 percent of your budget—it also sets the tone for your entire nuptials. Stressed? You don’t need to! You just need someone to help you out. There are so many wedding planners that can help you out. How do they work it out? Read on to find out:

Talk Out the Details

Chances are you haven’t planned a wedding before. Have questions? Not sure where to start? That’s okay. Your venue concierge is here to help. They will surely help you on how you will like to decorate the location that you want to book. The first two things you and your venue concierge will tackle are the budget and guest list size. While it’s great to come to the table with a general idea for both, these are also things you can talk about together. Other topics of discussion: indoors or outdoors, loft space or ballroom, black tie or casual.

Get Your Recommendations

Once the two of you have a plan in place, your venue concierge will go to work, and within the next 48 hours, you’ll receive a link to a page of handpicked venue recommendations that fit your style and budget. Take a look at the list and discuss with your spouse-to-be and families. Your venue concierge will then set up a time via phone, Skype or Facebook to walk you through them in more detail—she can even text you. If you’re not feeling any of the recommendations, simply let them know and they can go back to the drawing board. Remember, your venue concierges is here to make this easy for you—let them! Make sure to pick a venue that offer perfect view for your bridal photography.

Schedule a Tour

Love your recommendations? Great! But you can only tell so much about a place by viewing it online. Let your venue concierge help you take it offline by setting up a tour for you. You can make the requests and give preferred days and times straight from your page of recommendations. They’ll also offer tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your visits. After your tours, tell your venue concierge how they went by reviewing them from your recs page. This is one important thing that you can do when you are looking for the perfect wedding location for your upcoming big day.

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