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It"s not too often that a goalkeeper gets recognised for individual awards in football, but the record of Ben Amos in October made him impossible to ignore


Six League One games in the month saw the 30-year-old keep six clean sheets, with a string of key saves proving pivotal in helping fire Charlton up the table


Even sitting there with his accolade, however, Amos is still keen to praise the collective


"It feels a little bit daft with just one player getting this award when it"s been such a collective effort over the last few weeks from everyone," Amos told after winning the Sky Bet League One Player of the Month award for October


Amos wins Player of the MonthLeague One table | Fixtures | News"Even the attacking players, who you would normally associate with not defending too much have been revelling in keeping clean sheets


They have really worked for them because they see that if we do that we"ll create chances and then more often than not we"ll go and win the game." In 10 appearances this season Amos has already kept seven clean sheets, and Charlton have leaked fewer goals this season than any other side in League One


It is a run of form which seems all the more impressive when you take into account the fact he wasn"t even their No 1 last season as they got relegated from the Championship


But Amos, who started his career at Manchester United and made seven senior appearances for them between 2008-15, while also being sent out on loan six times, knows the value of always being prepared


And he was ready to step in the moment Dillon Phillips left The Valley

他准备踏上狄龙·菲利普斯(Dillon Phillips)离开山谷的那一刻

"I"m not sure if there was one point in particular where I knew I would be No 1," he says


"Obviously I knew that there was speculation over Dillon"s future, but I just kept my head down like I did all of last season when I was fit and available


"I just had to make sure I was mentally and physically ready to go when I was called upon


I always do my best every day to make those little gains, and that"s all I care about站酷网官网


Everything else will just come." Amos had experienced relegation from the Championship before last season


He featured 40 times for Bolton in 2015/16 as they capitulated to a disastrous drop into League One


Going down with Charlton was a different emotional experience, however, as it happened so dramatically on the final day of a season that was dragged out until the end of July


Things are now looking up at the club, though


After years of turmoil, the club seem to have finally found some stability in new owner Thomas Sandgaard, who has offered a level of support to Lee Bowyer that had been sorely lacking previously

经过多年的动荡,俱乐部似乎终于在新老板托马斯·桑德高(Thomas Sandgaard)中找到了稳定,后者为李·鲍耶(Lee Bowyer)提供了以前严重缺乏的支持

"The manner in which we got relegated was horrendous," says Amos


"I was optimistic going into the Leeds game [on the final day of the season] knowing all those games had to go against us, but they did


"But on the flipside then Thomas came in and has basically delivered on everything he said he would, and more


I haven"t met him in person yet, but obviously we all follow the things he says in public, and hopefully soon we will meet him


There is a stability behind closed doors now, which is great for us, and it makes a nice change from the last few years


"[Bowyer] has been instrumental

“ [鲍耶]发挥了重要作用

Even in the players he has brought in


Loads of lads left the club in the same and he and [Director of Football] Steve Gallen have had to bring in 10 or 12 players

小伙子们离开了俱乐部,他和[足球总监]史蒂夫·加伦(Steve Gallen)必须引进10或12名球员

"They"ve had to gel them all together in a very short space of time, and they"ve done that superbly." And Amos, who is in his second stint Charlton having previously been on loan there in 2017/18, has belief that they are once again only heading one way


"I want us to get promoted, and that feeling is the same throughout the team," he says


"We recognise the quality and strength in depth we have in the squad


That has to be our target."



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